Bicycle Advertising


This is the best way to make a street level advertising campaign environmentally friendly.

Many mobile bicycle billboard units have:

    • Backlit signs
    • AM/FM CD sound systems for the perfect sound loop or commercial.
    • Storage for hot and cold items and collateral items.
    • Operators who are trained and qualified in publicly promoting products and services.
    • All basic campaigns have 4 unites however you made need more unties depending on the needs of your target audience.

Each unit has predetermined routes which are based on the needs of your target audience.

Our operators can make stops at specified locations and points along a predetermined route to pass out collateral items at no additional cost.
Each unit has enclosed trailers that are custom build to carry our mini mobiles.

The trailers are considered mobile bases and also act as marketing platforms. Every client has the opportunity to use these mobile bases to enhance their marketing campaign.

Every client can also use the mobile bases for trade displays. The displays can be set up during a major sporting event which is a great opportunity for potential customers to see your products or services.

Target Your Audience Unlike traditional advertising media, bicycle billboards cannot be turned off, thrown out or ignored, making mobile advertising an excellent marketing tool for your campaigns. Unlike other forms of advertising, bicycle billboards are cost effective, unique and importantly, leave a lasting impression. We call it the “Green Effect.” People Think It's Great Cost Effective Guerrilla Marketing - Consistently create impact to stay “top of mind” with a cutting edge ad campaign. Location, Location, Location - Bicycles can go where the customers are and get noticed. Green Branding - The public's demand for greener solutions is met head on.

Street Smart Advertising Bicycle billboards are the hottest and most revolutionary form of driving a client's message on the street level. With a large eye catching message in tow, a bicycle billboard carries this “GREEN” media solution to cover a wider area without adding a fleet of trucks to burn fossil fuels or cause unnecessary emissions.

And unlike a traditional truck billboard, bicycle billboards stay visible for much longer in a desired area. Read More about the advantages of Mobile Advertising.

Bicycle billboards are a highly effective, cost efficient, green solution to outdoor urban advertising. They can convey your message, product, or promotion to a targeted audience, at any time, and in any environment. Whether you are, a large corporation, a small business, a non-profit organization or an individual attempting to convey a message, bicycle billboards can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.



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